Weekly Illustration for the newspaper DIE ZEIT/
Part economy / 144 x 286 / from Nov 2008 to Okt 2009

  W46: About the presure to the W45:Interview with A. Schmitz, head W44: About the new rule of banks in W42: Losing trust in the pension W42: About saving money of their W36: China/DE/America discuss the W35: Increasing of the coffeeprice W33: About the Private Bank W32: One Year ago Leman Brothers W30 About the rigged graph of VW W29: About the Observer of the W28: Guest Article of S.Green/HSBC. W29: About the rediscovering of W28: Interview with Uwe Foulong W27: The attempt of Life-Insurances W26: About Mediators and better W25: Interview with John Cary (head W24 About restore securitization of W24: UBS and Credit suisse will get W23: About Ecological & sustainable W22: About documents where the W21 The contract of D.B. and Zurich W20:About the addition of interests W19: Interview / Charles Goodhart: W18: Foundations-Sourcing-problems W17: About the positve result of US W16:About risk/profit of bond issue   W15: About contracting out W14:New law against profits of bond W13: Interview with A. Missbach W12: Banks close the repurchase of W11: Interview with Bert Rurüp. He W10: Crise of the fonds company, W09: About the good result of W05: About Private Equity. The bank W04: The interests of mortgage to W43: About "lifecycle-Fonds", the W03: Interview with Adreas Gruber, W02: Financial consultation for W03:First version, canceled because 54: the bank Federal Reserve print 52: About Madoff scandal, loose 51: About the new reglement of 50: Investments in catastrophefonds 49: Business Angel are chosing 46:Camparision of the redevelopment 48: immobils crises and the rising Week40:Relation between Oilprices, Week 39: Real property as a Week 38- Interview with Karsten